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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Flashback: The Best Pastrami Sandwich in LA

You probably think that I'm going to say Langer's. Wrong! Surprisingly.

Back in early June I took a culinary adventures trip to NYC and I was lucky enough to be able to go to Katz's. Now some people think that Katz's has the best pastrami in the world. If you get in the line of a good cutter, flash him some dough, and ask for the fatty cut, you will end up with a fabulous sandwich that is big enough to feed a family of four.

Other people (me included) think that Langer's has the best pastrami in the world. Mumsy went to Langer's shortly after our NYC culinary adventures (more on these in future flashbacks - huh?) and I asked her to pick up a sandwich for me. So I get my sandwich and it's big enough to feed a four year old. While the pastrami is certainly delicious it would be nice if they actually put some on my sandwich.

Oh, the suspense must be killing you Dear Reader! The Eastside Market Italian Deli makes the best pastrami sandwich in LA. And it's not the plain pastrami but the "pastrami with sauce." Sounds weird? You must try it! (We learned of the pastrami with sauce sandwich from a chunky monkey who was in line in front of us the last time that we were there - and you know chunky monkies know their food!)

While the quality of the pastrami isn't at the level of Langer's or Katz's, it's more like The Hat's pastrami, once submerged in that marinara with peppers it becomes the greatest invention on earth! It's gets even better on an Italian roll with provolone. Add some pepperoncini and you are in sandwich heaven.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This reminded me of my favorite pastrami sandwich from a restaurant that went out of business 20 years ago. They put traditional coleslaw in with the pastrami, on rye. Sounds bizarre (to me) in the abstract, but so delicious in reality. Contrast of sweet/salty, I guess.

7:16 AM


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