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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Culinary Quiz of the Day

If you could bring a chef into your kitchen to help, who would it be?

A. Thomas Keller

B. Julia Child

C. Jacques Torres

D. Other choice

E. I don't want anyone in my kitchen!

At first I thought about Thomas Keller and then I became too intimidated. I like Julia Child because she seemed like she was drunk all of the time and I figure that we would have fun but she was a racist (little known fact.) So I think that I'm going to go with option D and choose Mario Batali because he is my favorite chef right now.


Blogger Raven said...

I'd have to go with option E. I'm not terribly big on having help when I cook. Not that I cook very often.

9:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would be fun to pick up some new tricks in person from Sheila Lukins, since I have all of her books. Or, hmmm, does Ewan McGregor know how to cook? ;o) - Wanda

7:11 AM

Anonymous luswei said...

Thomas Keller since I ate at and supported Rakel, his first restaurant in NYC, and it closed for being "too out there."

5:36 PM

Anonymous britgirl said...

I think it would be Nigel Slater. He does not call himself a chef, actually, he considers himself to be a food writer,and what a writer. He is funny, which you need to be when you are in the kitchen, and his cooking is really ad hoc. His books are full of photographs of dishes gone slightly wrong! His most famous book, Real Food, is a personal favourite(English spelling)!!

10:08 AM

Blogger colbycheese said...

I'd say other. I'd want Samuel L. Jackson in my kitchen to help me cook up some fried mothafuckin snake! Below is the recipie wed use.

5:15 PM


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