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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Dog Eat Dog World or A Doggie Dog World?

If Mr. Darcy were still alive I would have written an entry about the annoying habit of people bringing their toy dogs to restaurants. And what of the big dogs? Mr. Darcy was mostly German Shepherd with a little Akita and he was a fierce protector. He went utterly and completely bezerko when the UPS guy came to our house. What did said UPS guy say about Mr. Darcy v. toy dogs? He said that Chihuahuas were EVIL! EVIL!

So why are evil dogs allowed into restaurants and big dogs are discriminated against? I think that the evil dog owners would have been jealous of my big sexy guy.

Alas, now I have a goofus guy (Pepper, who was so named because he likes eating chile peppers) who would try to eat everyone's food, and although Chyna is pretty gorgeous she can be a bit anti-social (Teutonic) and would bark and scare everyone so my dreams of big dog restaurant liberation are over for now.


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