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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blog Blockage

Everyone has been hounding me to update my blog for quite a while. I stopped blogging because the last day I updated my blog was the day that my wonderful dog, Mr. Darcy, died. Everytime I thought about writing about my culinary adventures and bitching about the traffic I would feel so sad because Dear Reader he was here with me on his last day, lying at my feet on his doggy bed.

I thought about writing an entry about people who insist on bringing their toy dogs into restaurants (annoying!) and how I wanted to start bringing Mr. Darcy into restaurants because big dogs rule - simple as that! But when I think about that day I become so sad that I just can't work on my blog.

I had an idea that I would just list all the restaurants that I've been to since March 23rd (like 2000 of them) but instead I think from this point on I will concentrate on the best of LA (and I promise I will not bitch about the traffic anymore!)


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