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Monday, February 19, 2007

Maran Restaurant: The Russian Revolution

Below, chicken lula kebab that Nick ordered at the ever popular Maran Restaurant (recently featured in Los Angeles Magazine). This looked really good but I didn't get to try it.

If you want to celebrate five weddings at once, I suggest that you go to Maran on a Friday or Saturday night. What a spectacle it is to walk into the restaurant and see huge tables piled high with Russian and Georgian appetizers. Socalqtpi held an event here; it wasn't a wedding party though, but we were in the mood for some good times and good food.

Party like it's 1917? Hardly. We did nearly revolt though. It was our goofy waiter's first night and let me just say that when you still don't have your drink order correct 40 minutes after arrival you know that you are in trouble. The trend continued when half the table, my half to be exact, didn't get their appetizers, and then later our entrees refused to materialize. But I have tried to go back, been turned away due to lack of tables, because the food is so good.

Below, Mr. Taste of Thai's smoked fish platter. I had to resist eating this because I'm always eating Mr.'s food.

Below, two of the three eggplant appetizers that are offered. The one with walnuts I didn't eat (migraines) but the other dish was mine. It was so much better than it looked! It was a puree of roasted eggplant and peppers.

Below, my Borscht. Not such a great photo but the soup was divine.

Here is a bowl of Kharcho which is a spiced lamb and rice soup.

This was one of the last dishes to arrive. A split roasted cornish game hen with rice and potatoes - just my kind of dish! I haven't had a cornish hen since I was 10 years old but I've been trying to go back and order this.

Two views of my Georgian dumplings. These were very tasty and satisfying. You can see by the bottom picture how juicy they were - more so than a "soup" dumpling.

Maran Restaurant
6430 San Fernando Road
Glendale, CA 91201


Blogger Raven said...

Wow. Based on the pics I'd be willing to drive to Glendale for this place.

3:49 PM

Blogger Bon Vivant said...

Raven, their borscht is much better than Trakrir's.

4:51 PM

Blogger Raven said...

Let me know next time you want to go, and I'll join you.

10:14 PM

Blogger xrayeyes said...

I wouldn't know what the food tastes like, since the troll at the door refused to seat us because of their supposed dress code. $200 jeans and a sport coat don't qualify you to sit in this shack by the railroad tracks?! And, it was almost totally empty at 7 pm. To get a good seat, I recommend that you wear poofy pleated dockers and a Mens Wearhouse sportcoat. The night ended well, though--We went to Carousel and had wonderful meal.

12:20 AM

Anonymous Das Ubergeek said...

Ah, yes, the wonderful Russian concept of "face control". For it to have been totally authentic, the bouncer (in Russian we call this "flathead") would have had to have been looking over your head with a bored expression while you shouted (ideally in Russian).

8:39 AM

Anonymous sally said...

I LOVE this restuarant. They have the best food, best music, and the greatest atmosphere for an enjoyable couples or family meal. I recommend anyone to try this place, because you won't regret it. You'll go back for more once you have tried it.

7:16 PM

Anonymous Greg said...

I live all the way in Santa Clarita, and I drive all the way to Glendale, every weekend just to eat their delicious foods. Try it!! You will not regret it!!

7:19 PM


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