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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Very Luscious Dumpling

Move over Din Tai Fung, a new kid is in town. Yes, I'm talking about Luscious Dumpling - they aren't kidding around with the name!

In the 80s the standard was Mandarin Deli, then came Dumpling Master, and then Din Tai Fung became King of the dumpling houses and has held the title for so long. But in a mini-mall in the San Gabriel Valley (what is it with mini-malls and the San Gabriel Valley anyway? There are more mini-malls there than people!) resides Luscious Dumpling which I have to say is better than Din Tai Fung (although they don't have that good spicy vegetable salad that's just called "Appetizer").

Not only is it luscious but it's cheap! Last time I was there we PIGGED OUT and we paid $14 per person tax and very generous tip included.


Blogger Heidi said...

Oh that sounds good! I want to go sometime. You always know the best places!

11:29 PM


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