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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Luscious Dumpling, Part II

The dumplings weren't the only juicy things.

So I'm there with a large group of people. I'm seated at about the middle of the table and to my left, at the end of the table, is seated a pretty good looking guy who we'll call "Shahrukh." In walks a petite-sized zero-breast augmented-make-up wearing-coiffed hair (please! it was 10:30 in the morning! Who styles their hair to go to a dive dumpling place in a mini-mall in San Gabriel?) pretty good looking gal who we'll call "Hotsy Totsy." It doesn't take half a brain to figure out immediately that Shahrukh and Hotsy Totsy are going to end up together.

However, also seated at the end of the table to my left is my mother. Now, my mother is really a genius; she has an IQ of about 180 but she acts really clueless most of the time (especially when it comes to VCRs). So Hotsy Totsy and Shahrukh are doing their best to hook up but my mother is doing her best to screw things up for them. For example: Hotsy Totsy says in her Marilyn Monroe voice about how she's afraid to drive alone in LA (can you believe this?) thus giving Shahrukh the opportunity to play hero but before he can get a chance my mother gives her this big lecture on driving in LA. And on and on...

So after the meal the group is outside in the parking lot and I notice that finally our lovebirds have a moment to themselves when I say to my mother, "Let's go!" (God forbid I should want to get stuck in Sunday afternoon traffic - oops!) and she says, "Oh, wait a minute, I just want to tell Hotsy Totsy one more thing." Sigh.

All's well that ends well Dear Reader because I later saw Shahrukh and Hotsy Totsy walk off the parking lot together, I assume to play a round or two of "Hide the Dosa."


Anonymous not so clueless Mom said...

I'm not as clueless as the NoodleWhore thinks. (After all, who introduced her to noodles?)

As soon as Hotsie Totsie rolled her eyes and sighed that if she "only had a big brother" to look after her, I figured out what was going on and shut up. Not too late for her to score either.

11:43 AM


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