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Monday, October 09, 2006

A Saturday Night Dinner at Blair's

Let's start with the dessert first. Below, a photo of the Caramel Pudding Trifle that includes whipped cream, strawberries, and buttermilk cake. Some Palmiers are served on the side. Note the swirly caramel candy adorning the dessert.

Since opening, Blair's has become a Silver Lake favorite. Even though I live only a mile and a half away (if I were still in my old house I would be a block and a half away) I don't eat here often enough - could it have something to do with the fact that there's no parking in that area anymore?

Blair's occupies a space that used to be this really bad Thai restaurant that had a great hamburger. Back in the 70s there was this "Hippy" restaurant on Fountain at Virgil and it turned into a Thai restaurant. Apparently the new owners kept some of the old menu items one of which was the "Eatin' High Hamburger." Eatin' High split into two, one moved to the space on Rowena and the other moved into the old Pup 'n' Taco stand on Virgil at Fountain. Remember this logo? If you do, I know how old you are.

So My Doppelganger hosted a dinner at Blair's a couple of weeks ago to celebrate Spicy M's birthday. I really like Blair's menu, even though it changes all of the time, because I like the philosophy of the chef highlighting what's in season. I like the beer menu too. The first time that I ate here I sent back two bottles of wine, they were too sour for $40 each, so I haven't paid too much attention to the wine list since.

Below, one of the most popular dishes with our party: the butternut squash risotto with applewood smoked bacon, collard greens, and fontina cheese.

Below, my main course of the evening: the housemade linguine with homemdade Italian sausage, artichokes, shallots, and lots of slivers of fresh garlic.

Since I ordered my linguine sans corn, I got a side dish of the sauteed rapini which I know goes better with sausage than corn.

2903 Rowena Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039


Blogger Raven said...

That risotto looks and sounds divine!

6:55 PM

Blogger Heidi said...

Mmm... I definitely want to try this sometime. It's walkable from my place. A long walk, but walkable.

10:01 AM

Blogger Bon Vivant said...

You probably wouldn't be able to park too much closer anyway :-)

12:14 PM

Blogger Raven said...

I'm in. We'll just park at Heidi's and walk. After all, long walks in a group are fun!

8:04 PM

Anonymous chickfillet said...

I'm going to have to make that risotto! We stopped going to Blair's b/c of impossible parking and stinky service the last few times we were there, but your post made me think it's time to go again.

11:28 AM

Blogger Nicole said...

Everything sounds great but I had to respond to the Pup n Taco sign. We had one on the corner of our neighborhood in the 80's and NO ONE remembers it. You have given me such validation! Oh and btw - I'm 32 :). Old enough to remember the crinkle fries and all...

11:36 PM

Blogger Bon Vivant said...

Hi, Nicole. Thanks for dropping by my blog. The last time that I went to a Pup 'n' Taco was in 1982 on Western just south of Santa Monica. The tacos were pretty unique for gringo tacos and they were much better than Taco Bell's (Taco Bell bought all but two Pup 'n' Tacos).

6:43 PM

Anonymous Dave said...

Funny, that logo is from my blog,!

COme on over if you want to buy a T-shirt or spin through my posts about the lost OC of the '70s and more...

12:05 PM


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