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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tuesday, March 21st - Astro Burger and "Cornbread & Feta Cheese"

Theater Loving Gourmet V invites me to a free showing of the play "Cornbread and Feta Cheese" showing at the Hudson Theater. There are a dearth of restaurants on that strip of Santa Monica (actually, there are no restaurants on that strip of Santa Monica) so I offer to bring some veggie burgers and fries for us to munch on before the show.

I become fat lazy American tonight and use the drive-thru. What fun! I should do this more often but I have a hard time understanding the lady when I ask her what's in the Veggie Burger Deluxe so I just order two regular veggie burgers and I customize them. And then the chick in front of me starts arguing with the people in the window over 50 cents and I'm like bitch, gas is like $3 a gallon and you idling away and wasting more money than 50 cents so like move along because I'm hungry. Ask and ye shall receive! She drives off.

The food is great! I must eat there more often and enjoy the drive-thru experience (but go when there are no bozos in front of me.) The play that we see is really interesting. It's a one woman show about being a first generation Albanian-American. I had no idea what the Albanian immigrant experience in the US was like so it was very educational. And the actress talks a lot about food so I'm hoping that maybe there's a reception afterwards? Not on that budget! The actress receives a lot of support: everyone in the audience either knows her or is Albanian.

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