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Monday, February 11, 2008

El Atacor: Potato Taco Madness!

Pop Art Potato Tacos:

Two words: potato tacos. Who doesn’t like, every now and then, to indulge in this carboholics’ and fatlovers’ (yes, they are little fat bombs) dream? There is something about potato tacos that makes people crave them, they just taste so damn good.

I was able to lure several foodies to El Atacor #11 recently on a very cold and soon to be rainy Sat afternoon with the promise of the best, and perhaps the cheapest, potato tacos in town. Said foodies took the bait but surprisingly I was the only person who ordered potato tacos.

An uber-fussy potato taco fanatic eats one of my potato tacos:

Indeed. These potato tacos are fantastic. I just love the fabulous contrast of the crispy taco shell with the creamy, soft potato filling. The tacos are piping hot but are served with cooling avocado sauce, lettuce, and cheese – another great textural combination. Want to know the best part? You can get four potato tacos for $3.29.

Two words: porno burrito. In J. Gold’s review of El Atacor #11 he affectionately refers to the Super Burrito as the Porno Burrito and claims that if one does a Google search of “porno burrito” ten thousand hits for El Atacor will pop up. Surely this is hyperbole, when I followed Mr. Gold’s instructions I just got hits for porn sites.

See the four stages of the burrito’s undress:

Is the porno burrito so named due to its size and shape or because it is true foodie porn? Unfortunately, the former - this burrito is “Super” in size only. I ordered a carne asada porno burrito with rice, beans, cheese, guacamole, onion, cilantro, and salsa (sans lettuce and sour cream). The carne asada tasted more stewed than grilled and there were just mere vestiges of the guac, cheese, ect. The beans dominated, and although they were good, in this case less would have been more since more was no bueno. I would try the porn burrito again but I think that it might be better with carnitas.

Word association:

Chiles rellenos (and Mexican Coke)

Shrimp ceviche

Frickin’ great salsa

El Atacor #11
2622 N. Figeroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90065

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Anonymous Slim Mathers said...

Order guacamole on the side. It has more in common with watered down green double dare gloop than the mighty avocado.

I only wish the potato tacos were $7 a piece and not 10 for $7. I eat way to many of these, and anything over 5 in a sitting is suicide, crunchy delicious suicide.

3:09 PM

Blogger Bon Vivant said...

Hi, Slim Mathers, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

I am so tempted to get the 20 potato tacos for $18 (though 10 for $7 seems like a way better deal but then only half the tacos). Crunchy delicious suicide indeed.

8:11 PM

Anonymous Raven said...

The potato tacos sound awesome. But looking at the address it looks like this place is downtown, which means this Westsider would think several times before making the trip...

8:56 PM

Anonymous Wanda said...

I am curious to know if these tacos de papas taste as good as the ones I used to get up north. If you want to make a return trip, give me a call. And thanks for reminding me of those tacos I used to love and haven't had for many years now.

8:34 AM

Anonymous Foreign Correspondent D said...

I think potatoes are so under-rated, love them, love them, love them....Us Brits are a nation of potato lovers, I mean, we even have a chain of cafes called....Spud-U-Like......say no more.

4:24 PM

Blogger Bon Vivant said...

Raven: actually, El Atacor is in Highland Park and if you want to keep your status as "such a Westsider" you wouldn't set foot anywhere near Highland Park. But it is open until 4 am so you could get there in 15 minutes in the middle of the night.

Wanda: You're on!

aka Britgirl: the potato taco is the Mexican version of a Chip Buttie.

6:22 PM

Anonymous The Cooking Ninja said...

My better half once ordered a burrito at Cheese Cake Factory and we were shocked at the portion - it was so huge that 3 people could eat it. Somehow he managed to finish it all but not side dishes that came with the burrito. He had to stagger out of the restaurant. hahaha

7:20 AM

Blogger Fran said...

Hi Bon Vivant,

So glad to see recent postings on your blog--- Never heard of potato tacos, but sound so interesting...

10:38 AM


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