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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vito's Pizza

A preview of coming attractions:

The top photo is of the Pizza Margherita - essentially their cheese pizza with added fresh tomato and basil.

The bottom photo shows the "Terra Firma" pizza with sausage, pepperoni, bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms (this was originally called "The Works" when Vito's was located on Vermont but my Calabrese friend admitted that they changed the name in order to Westside-ize the pizza when they moved to La Cienega.)

For many months I've been hearing the roaring accolades about Vito's New York style pizza. I haven't been a big pizza eater since my 20s, when I OD'd on pizza, and in my 30s I naively went to Casa Bianca until a bad experience with the wait and, more importantly, the crust, sent me searching for the next great pizza. Naturally, it was time to check out Vito's.

So a gaggle of us foodies met at the 80s inspired mini-mall, whose parking lot was filled with Range Rovers parked in compact spaces, in which Vito's is now domiciled.

The Gallery of Pizza:

A close-up of Vito's Mediterranean Veggie Pie - their most popular pie right now:

Red Carpet Pizzas:

For my tastes, I think that Vito's pies are best eaten with fewer toppings. On the Margarita I thought that the tomato and basil were very distracting and did not really enhance the pizza; once I removed them I was left with a very delicious cheese pizza. And while the vegetables on the Terra Firma were fresh, and plentiful, again I think that I would have liked less toppings since the basic pie is so good. I should mention that I'm in the minority here, perhaps an island unto myself, since my fellow foodies really liked the abundant toppings.

My only critcism of our pizza pies was that the crust was slightly tough. But I found with the calzone that I took home the crust was perfect (I took home a Mio Fratello calzone [mozz, ricotta, parmesan, spinach, fresh tomato, garlic, and meatball] and as I was driving the calzone slid out of the bag on the front seat and onto the floor. The calzone managed to stay in the foil but half the filling oozed out onto the mat. Both calzone and mat were salvaged.) The flying calzone was my favorite dish.

Here's Paulie making mumsy's to-go sausage and pepper sandwich:

Vito's Pizza
846 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90069

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! My hand is famous.

I thought the Terra Firma had too many toppings but the Margherita was just right. I'm not always impressed with Margherita pizzas, but this one was just right.

11:09 PM

Anonymous The Cooking Ninja said...

yummy pizzas. We make our own pizza at home :) My other half even made one with blue cheese toppings ;)

12:00 PM

Anonymous Sarah said...

I agree that NY-style pizzas are always better with fewer toppings--one or two at the most. The crust is the star, and overloading will cause dreaded sogginess.

8:25 AM

Anonymous joellyn said...

So this is where Vito finally landed! He disappeared from his Vermont Ave. location with nary a word, leaving us all to wonder what had become of him. I don't make it to the west side very often, but I'll have to make an exception now that I know where he is.

10:08 PM


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