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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nevera: The Reason to Get Your Car Washed in the City of Bell

Three views of the making of Bionico, the luscious fruit salad of Mexico. Our bowl of friut consisted of banana, strawberry, guava, mango, apple, and melon. The fruit is doused with a wonderfully sweetened crema and then topped with shredded coconut, raisins, granola, almonds, and wheat flakes. The flavors work so well together that I could eat this 24/7.

A group of us foodies lead by My Doppelganger met one early Saturday morning to sample the delightful Mexican fruit juices (jugos, agua frescas, and licuados) and other treats. Nevera is located in the City of Bell right off of the 710. It shares a mall with the most crowded car wash that I've ever seen (I should have used the service since the M3 was looking kind of dowdy - if that's even possible.)

Several of the juices that we sampled. First is the Vampiro (which really is the color of blood) made from beet and carrots. Next we had dietetico which we were told was very popular with the ladies as a dietary aid. It's made with the juice of cactus paddles and acts as a diuretic. The last juice that we had was my favorite: a cucumber lime slightly sweetened. It was so refreshing.

My favorite items that day were the raspados: flavored shaved ices. First we had the cafrio which was so friggin excellent! It was a wonderful cafe de olla mixed with milk, poured over the shaved ice, and then topped with a dulce de leche sauce. Divoon! Just when you think that life can't get any better, we sampled the diablito which was tamarind juice poured over the shaved ice topped with a mango pickled in chamoy sauce (chamoy sauce is like a spicy vinegar sauce). It was harmonic convergence of three great flavors.

We liked the chamoy sauce so much that the owner then pulled out some savory snack mix and stirred in some chamoy sauce. Oh, man, was that good.

Yeah, I would bomb down to this place, get the car washed and nurse a cafe de olla and a Mucho Mango smoothie.

4846 Florence Avenue, 101
Bell, CA 90201


Anonymous Wanda said...

If WeHo rather than Bell is on your beaten track, the French Quarter restaurant has a similar breakfast dish of fruit, yogurt and granola that my daughter thinks is wonderful.

2:23 PM


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