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Friday, November 10, 2006

Milwaukee Day 3: Karl Ratzsch's

A glass of Sprecher's Oktoberfest beer. I was surprised to learn that this beer won a gold medal in the Oktoberfest category at this year's LA County Fair. I suspect that this beer does not have the de rigueur Wisconsin high alcohol content because I didn't have a buzz at the wedding afterwards. Ok, I had a buzz but not a beer buzz: I was just so happy for my niece Jenn - she was the most beautiful bride!

Karl Ratzsch's is another Milwaukee institution. Sis and Grill Master took me here about two years ago and I have always wanted to come back and try some more items. While Mader's has the reputation, Ratzsch's has the good food (and the food came out hot!) Mumsy and I decided that the next time we go to Milwaukee we are staying at the Hotel Metro which is conveniently located about 30 feet from Ratzsch's.

Below, cream of mushroom soup. Not the canned kind Dear Reader. This was very comforting and had a great texture, but was slightly bland.

Below, what would a trip to Milwaukee be without a brat? Last time that I was there I ate a brat everyday - I think that it's a local law that you have to. The sauerkraut was good (it was too sour at Maders); I think that it was cooked with some caraway seed and some type of cured pork. Not pictured is my red cabbage - while the red cabbage at Maders was soft and tasteless, it was flavorful and still had a slight crunch at Ratzsch's.

Below, dreamy potato pancakes. They were as good as they looked!

Check out my pimp mobile. It handled fairly well for a rental car so I started driving it like the M3 but then I nearly skidded off an offramp - hey, I'm just used to accelerating around curves rather than engaging my brakes (or maybe it was all that beer that I drank?)

Karl Ratzsch's
320 East Mason Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Blogger 75 Pounds Lost said...

The brats look delish--but what are the red things in your soup? Strawberries??

1:03 PM

Blogger Bon Vivant said...

The do look like strawberries don't they? They are acutally croutons but I put my camera on a "rich" setting so I guess that's why the red tones stand out.

8:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Getting hungry reading this... and it reminds me that I left Jeff the best potato pancake recipe... maybe I can get him to copy it for me...

1:34 PM


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