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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Little India Tour in Artesia

Savor the wonderful flavors, and beautiful colors, of Indian ice cream from Saffron Spot. On the top left is saffron pistachio; on the right is rose petal, and on the bottom is rajbhog (I have no idea what that flavor is!) Next time I'm trying the banana cardamom.

My Doppelganger set up a Little India Culinary Tour in Artesia a while back which was hosted by two very nice and lovely women (one had just been crowned Mrs. Asia USA) from the LA Mumbai Sister City Affiliation. First stop was at Tirupathi Bhimas Restaurant which is a chain of vegetarian restaurants in India that have come to California. Judging by how people started lining up to get in a half hour before it opened I would say this place is very popular.

Below, the feast that we received. In the foreground is a "mini" masala dosa (the regular sized ones are as big as my German Shepherds!); a dosa is a pancake made from fermented urad dal and rice batter, and masala is the spicy potato mixture that the dosa is stuffed with. In the second row to the right is idli sambar (kind of like Indian "gnocchi" in a spicy lentil sauce).

Below, a close up of my dosa with coconut and green (?) chutneys.

Below, a wonderful pea and carrot dish season with mustard seed and coconut flakes (these flavorings are used quite often in Southern Indian vegetarian cooking.)

Below, a very intersting curry. I have no idea what this vegetable was but it had the texture of squash.

Below, chai masala. The real thing, not that gross stuff made with powdered milk and high fructose corn syrup that you get at Starbuckies.

The ladies then took us to a jewelry store were we oohed and aahed over the wedding jewelry (this set below probably costs over $30K).

Next we went to Mirage to look at saris. Below, one of our volunteers is quickly transformed.

Below, all of our volunteers looking very dapper in their new threads.

Below, a little eye candy, Amir Khan, for the female contigency of Dear Reader.

Tirupathi Bhimas Restaurant
18792 Pioneer Blvd.
Artesia, CA 90701

Saffron Spot
18792 Pioneer Blvd.
Artesia, CA 90701

18638 Pioneer Blvd.
Artesia, CA 90701


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Nice post. I live on Artesia Blvd, cross street of Pioneer. I am from New York and I am on my first job in LA. Fell in love with Artesia the first time i went there

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