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Friday, August 25, 2006

An Afternoon Repast in Downtown LA Complete with Clifton's Cafeteria and Crazy Person!

Ten Mile Tide plays in Pershing Square during lunch:

Mumsy, Colby Cheese and I headed to Pershing Square to catch a free concert before lunch. During the summer there are free concerts from 12-2 practically every day. On this day we caught Ten Mile Tide, an indie band from San Francisco that blended rock with Celtic fiddle music. Good stuff.

After the concert we walked over to Broadway and down to Clifton's Cafeteria. Here's the deal about Clifton's: it's been open forever, the food is good, and the prices cheap. Of course, would our afternoon be complete without getting accosted by the de rigueur crazy person? When I was taking pictures of the food at our table this crazy woman comes over to us and starts screaming that we were taking pictures of her and that it's not allowed!

Bon jour! You see that big ass fake log used as a beam in the middle of the room that you were sitting behind? Yeah, you know the one, you had to walk around it so you could see us. Hmmm, perhaps if you couldn't see us then maybe we couldn't see you. How do these people find me? Do I have a banner on my forehead that says, "If you are crazy and/or bitterly angry then come start something with me!"

Above: my retro stuffed bell pepper, mashed potatoes, and fresh spinach - all for $4.49 dude! Also on the tray you can find a delicious three bean salad and a very weird tasting zucchini and green bean salad (the vinegar was a little too industrial.)

Above: Mumsy's Cocido (Mexican beef and vegetable soup) with guacamole (very good), beets, and the three bean salad. In the background you can see two of three of Colby Cheese's desserts.

Affirmation of the day: If a crazy and/or bitterly angry person sees me, they walk on by and bother someone else. The banner on my forehead says, "If you even think about starting something with me I'm gonna fuck you up." All is well.


Blogger Heidi said...

Was the crazy person a wannabe D-list celebrity or something who thought you were paparazzi? Weird. You do attract crazy people. Who knows what crazy people will be around us tonight?!

Cliftons is cool. I've only had a cookie from there (awesome) but I have been dying to go back.


10:41 AM

Blogger Raven said...

I was going to remark on the number of desserts visible on the tray behind. But you beat me to it!


12:41 PM

Anonymous ryan said...

I do love that gravy. Did you make it up to the 3rd floor to see a portrait of Clifford? My favorite floor.

9:43 AM


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