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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sunday, March 5th - Dame A's Oscar Party

At 2 pm Adorable Gourmet H picks me up at my house and we bop over to Silver Lake Wine for some red to go with dark chocolate and white to go with pizza. Our next stop is Sunset Junction where Adorable Gourmet H buys flowers for Dame A at Gilly Flowers. We then go to the Cheesestore of Silver Lake where I buy the last two chubs of salami, a slice of truffle pate, a baguette, a small container of spicy house mix olives, and the wonderful "cocktail" mix from Spain (essentially corn nuts but mo' betta and addictive as heroin.) Then to The Grove where Adorable Gourmet H fulfills her need for dark chocolate at Bodega.

Then off to West Hollywood for a fabulous night (a shoutout to Adventurous Gourmet B, Hiking Gourmet T, Overworked Gourmet N, and USC Prof P.) The Brazilian pizza is good and quite interesting, the wine is not; it starts off good but then it just, well...dissipates.

Medication's sharp edge returns when "Crash" wins best picture. Bon Jour! The name of this film should be entitled "Crap" people!

Wolfgang Puck aint got nothing on Dame A.

Drink of the day: molti vini (translation - lots of wine)

Affirmation of the day: I am now ready and willing to receive molti vini


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