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Monday, August 28, 2006

Battle of the Breakfast Sandwiches, Part One: Auntie Em's! Auntie Em's!

One of the very delicious breakfast sammies served at Auntie Em's:

But first, a Word Verification Contest plug: Ok, it looks like we have some crazy Korean BBQ fans! Keep those entries coming people. If you are new to the Contest please see the explanation and rules of the game in the post just below.

If you've ever eaten a Red Velvet cupcake chances are it came from Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock on Eagle Rock Blvd. This place is cupcake central! Not only are the Red Velvet cupcakes to die for but they also have divine chocolate and coconut cupcakes as well.

But on this Sunday morn I see that they have a special: homemade banana cream pie. For breakfast? Why not! I'll just have a bite.

Before Foreign Correspondent D and I inhale the pie we both order the breakfast sammies (or sarnies depending on which country you are from.) Mine is the vegetarian version with Gruyere cheese, tomato, avocado, and scrambled egg served on two pieces of really wonderful grilled sourdough. FCD's version had gobs of applewood smoked bacon. Both were served with a wonderful tasting salsa which went pefect with my sammie. My only complaint is that the sammie could have used a bit more cheese.

Speaking of which:

What's great about Auntie Em's is that they have a really wonderful cheese/gift store right next door. I buy some Bellwether Farms' Pepato cheese which is a raw sheep's milk cheese with whole peppercorns. It is truly fantastic! It's like a really young soft romano cheese and it would be perfect with a Pinot Noir!

Affirmation of the day: Have cupcake, will travel.


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