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Friday, September 14, 2007

Luscious Dumpling!

A preview of coming attractions – my luscious dumpling:

This is one review wherein the flix and pix will do all of the talking for me. All I can really say about Luscious Dumpling is that it is very aptly named. The dumplings (and soup noodles) are just fabulous. I will also add that I like the fact that you can arrive there at 10:55 am on a Saturday and get a table; the same arrival time at Din Tai Fun would earn you an hour and a half wait.

The always wonderful chive, pork, egg, and shrimp dumplings (I missed the “money” shot):

The pan-fried pork dumplings – spectacular!

The stewed pork soup noodles with big pieces of unctuous pork belly – yum!

The cabbage, pork, and shrimp dumplings – delicately delicious!

Everyone loves this dish – the beef tendon soup noodles (though they forgot to bring the broth – it’s served on the side) with hot and sour sauce. Divoon!

“Flavors” stewed beef soup noodles – one non-beef eater loved this!

My favorite dumplings – the pan-fried napa, pork, and sole dumplings. These are so friggin’ good!

The steamed dumplings with cabbage, mushroom, and bean curd – good, but not the crowd favorite:

The steamed pork with soup dumplings (more on these below):

Ok, I have to say one more thing: once, I made the mistake of referring to Luscious Dumpling’s pork with soup dumplings as XLB (xiao long bao) on a chowhound thread. Not the thing to do, Dear Reader! Even though I apologized profusely (offering myself up to be pelted with several orders of soup dumplings – not a bad way to die when you think about it) I have never been forgiven and I’ve been ostracized ever since!

The above feast, with the addition of stewed flavored bean curd as an appetizer, came to $13 per person. Good times. Good times.

Luscious Dumpling
704 W. Las Tunas Drive
San Gabriel, CA 91776

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Blogger sku said...

Wow, those look great! I've been wanting to try LD for a while now but haven't made it out.

Dumpling Master in Monterey Park is my standby for northern dumplings. If you've been, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts about how they compare/

7:50 PM

Anonymous Raven said...

They do look really luscious! Too bad the place is halfway around the world... er, I mean, in San Gabriel.

8:56 PM

Blogger Bon Vivant said...

Sku: I haven't been to Dumpling Master in about 10 years but based on all of the dumplings that I've had in the SGV since the beginning of Mandarine Deli, I would have to say that Luscious Dumpling's are my favorites.

Raven: Ha, ha, you Westsiders have this "thing" about the SGV (actually, I don't really blame you since your only way there is via the 10. I at least have the option of taking the northern route.) Anyway, you would love this place, drive or no.

5:55 PM

Anonymous Sarah said...

I loooooove soup dumplings. We have a few places here in NY that serve them. They sort of take practice to eat, though.

12:29 PM

Blogger Bon Vivant said...

Hi, Sarah. The best pan-fried dumplings that I've ever had were at Momofuku Noodle Bar; they are more like the Chinese dumplings rather than Gyoza.

5:34 PM


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