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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Breakfast at Blair's in Silver Lake

What looks like a perfect cinnamon bun; but, alas, perfection eluded this breakfast pastry: simply put, it was a bit too dry.

I met with some fellow foodies on an early Sat morn, with high hopes, at Blair's, a restaurant that is becoming a Silver Lake institution. I've been to Blair's many times for dinner and once for breakfast a few weeks ago and have always had great meals. On this morning, however, the restaurant was way off. I'm hoping that it was an atypical situation as opposed to a sign that the place is going downhill after only being open for breakfast a short time.

My cafe au lait. I was really shocked when our server asked me what exactly was in a cafe au lait. Huh? How can anyone in over-caffeineted Silver Lake not know what a cafe au lait is? After a while I was kind of glad that she asked me since if she didn't I may have ended up with a caffe latte (made with espresso instead of brewed coffee).

Some photos of other pastries: a beautiful banana muffin with a decorative design et une tranche de banana bread.

Two views of my main dish: scrambled eggs with kale and fontina cheese. Certainly nothing wrong with the eggs but the cook really skimped on the cheese. This cheesehead hates that! The spinach served on the side was a real problem: while my dining companions received fresh sauteed arugula with their meals, my sauteed spinach tasted old and was very gritty.

The blueberry mascarpone (please, not marscapone) pancakes that half of the table ordered. These were a big hit with the foodies.

Poached eggs with sides of mushrooms and that arugula. The cook committed a cardinal sin by leaving too much water in the bowl - one needs to gently drain poached eggs!

Now, a word about the service: it sucks. From 10 am to 11 am the restaurant was fairly empty so one could expect the service to be somewhat attentive but when you are one of three tables in the place, it's unnacceptable to wait 3 minutes for silverware and for butter and syrup for the pancakes. Why didn't the servers have enough sense to bring the necessities before the food came?

2903 Rowena Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90039

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved the spinach on the side. As far as it being "unacceptable" to wait three minutes, please!! get a life .

1:11 PM

Blogger Bon Vivant said...

Hi, anon, and thanks for stopping by my blog. If you read my blog often, you can see that I have a life (how can you see it otherwise?)

If you think that it's acceptable to wait three minutes for a complete set of silverware after receiving your food and you like old, gritty spinach, I wonder what type of life you have?

7:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

She did not wait 3 minutes for her meal...she waited 3 minutes for condiments AFTER getting the meal...nobody likes putting butter on cold pancakes! The condiments should have arrived with the meal. Point taken, Bon Vivant. Running pig from chowhound...

10:31 PM


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