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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Culinary Quiz of the Day

If you could invite a person who is no longer living to dinner 1. Who would that person be? 2. What would you serve?

My answer: Orson Welles. Since he loved life and food I would serve a red wine friendly dinner. I would start off with a Pasta Puttanesca with either linguine or penne and then for secondi I would serve a bone-in ribeye steak with some sauteed spinach or rapini on the side. For dessert I would do a coffee granita with Amaretto whipped cream.

Watch for my recipe for Puttanesca sauce in an upcoming entry (keeps you reading!)


Blogger Raven said...

This is the first person who came to mind. So here goes. I would invite French poet Francois Villon, who, in addition to being a poet, was a thief and murderer who vanished sometime in the 1400's (I have strange tastes in men). Let's assume for the sake of this post that he's planning to be a perfect gentleman with me. I would get to pick his brain about writing over dinner, not to mention practicing my 15th century French (right).

I would serve steak. I'm not sure what would go with it. I'm thinking something green, maybe something with spinach. And a second side dish of some kind of noodles with some kind of cheese. Naturally somebody else would do the cooking, since I don't know how to cook steak. I could handle the noodles. I could probably handle the spinach dish, too.

And red wine. And here's hoping he's not a gourmet despite being French, at least if he has to eat my cooking!

10:17 PM

Blogger Bon Vivant said...

What would Villian Villon think of our 21st century food?

What would we think of 15th century food?(maybe if we were in France it would help.)

10:00 AM

Blogger Raven said...

I have a feeling Villon would be okay with modern French food. American food? I dunno. It did occur to me that I could go all-American and serve him a hamburger and fries, but I figured that would probably gross him out!

I'm guessing you and I could handle 15th century food. I would totally be down for trying it if there were any way I could.

12:22 PM

Anonymous britgirl said...

I would invite Grace Patricia Grimaldi, a.k.a Princess Grace of Monaco. I would ask her what it was like living in what is basically The Riviera, and how she coped with such a huge change. She never learnt to speak French, icidentally! What food did she miss from Philadelphia,and what French food did she develop a passion for. She regularly made breakfast scrapple, I hear, for her visiting American friends. And of course, like everyone else, I would worship her too! My favourite image of Grace is one of her attending a very stiff and formal gala, and she is clutching an ice cream cone in her one hand! Priceless.

10:31 AM


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