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Monday, November 20, 2006

A Sunday Night Dinner at Jar

Below, a perfect girly-girl martini: the delicious and pearlescent litchi martini at Jar.

Hey, Stubborn Gourmet T, look, a person in my blog: our totatally fun waiter Kevin outside the restaurant. He really wanted to be in my blog (might it have been because he looked at mumsy's credit card and saw that her name was nearly identical to that of a famous casting director's?)

My Doppelganger held an event here just before my bday as a part of her steakhouse series. The last time that I was here, which was for mumsy's bday, the food was excellent but the steak so-so so I decided that I was going to order something other than steak on this night. Not a smart move. Overall, the food was great but there were some disappointments - the kitchen seemed a little off.

Below, my first course of house cured salon with a sour cream dressed cucumber salad and red onions. This was excellent and a huge portion. I took home half and luckily had some bagels at home and I have to say the excellence carried over to my breakfast for the next two days.

Below, the big mistake of the evening: coq au vin. You may remember Dear Reader reading the entry for Le Petit Bistro (click here) wherein I raved about their coq au vin. Well, I had that coq au vin one night and Jar's lousy version the next night. It was really bad because the sauce was too thin and tasted of smoked bacon fat, and the chicken was dry and stringy, and it tasted liked it had been reheated more than once.

Below, some of the best fries in the city.

Below, the braised brussel sprouts. Last time that we ordered these they were fabulous. This time however they had too much acid in them so they were a little unpleasant to eat.

Below, another great side dish: the duck fried rice.

So what do you do when you've had a lousy entree? Order dessert! Below, two of the best puddings that I've had in a while (and I had just had some two nights before!) : butterscotch and chocolate. Both were beyond divoon.

8225 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

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Blogger eatdrinknbmerry said...

BV, thanks for reviewing this. When I used to work in WeHo, I drove by this place all the time. The food looks great.

11:49 AM

Blogger Bon Vivant said...

Hi, ED&bMerry, thanks for stopping by. If you ever make it to Jar I recommend going on a Monday night because often times they will let you order off of the special Mozzarella menu. You get fresh mozz with a variety of yummy bits (like Papa Batali's salumi.)

6:56 AM


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