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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kara's Cupcakes in Oxbow

A preview of coming attractions – cupcakes galore:

Like a lot of people, I had been waiting for Kara’s Cupcakes to open up in Oxbow for a long time. Finally, this week I received an email from the good folks at Oxbow informing me of Kara’s grand opening – that day.

I was hesitant at first since I’m uber picky about my cupcakes. Down in my former domicile, Los Angeles, cupcake stores are everywhere and most of the cupcakes are dreadful: dry, tasteless cake and frosting that is over dominated by sugar and lacks any nuance of flavor. But I was pleasantly surprised by Kara’s cupcakes.

My favorite cupcake thus far:

This is the Spring Chick, a vanilla cupcake filled with passion fruit cream and topped with a vanilla frosting adorned with coconut. Great flavors (all of the components were really balanced) and the texture was lovely.

A close-up of the Meyer Lemony Lemon which seems to be one of their more popular flavors:

The grand tour of the platter of cupcakes:

Both chocolate cupcakes, the Chocolate Velvet and the Fleur de Sel, were really good! The Fleur de Sel was one of my favorite cupcakes: the cake was very dense and the chocolate ganache was fabulous. Added to this was a caramel filling which I felt was somewhat unnecessary considering how rich and delicious the cake and frosting were.

And finally, a pic of the “normal” chocolate cupcakes:

Kara’s Cupcakes
Oxbow Public Market
610 First Street, Suite 19
Napa, CA 94559

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Blogger GourmetGal said...

Me love my cup cakes.....Aunty Ems make smaller versions now, so you don't feel quite as guilty!

1:11 PM

Blogger Bon Vivant said...

Auntie Em's are still my favorites!

10:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dam, these make me hungry again ;)


10:52 AM


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