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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tuesday, March 14th - Mission Impossible? In Search of Good Fried Chicken in LA

Vivacious Gourmet E and I are feeling a bit down so what do we do in that situation? Eat fatty carbs! And what better place to do that than Honey's Kettle Fried Chicken?

I've only been to the Deep South once but I was blown away by how good the fried chicken was. I just never knew fried chicken could taste so good! Needless to say, the fried chicken out here is no bueno compared to what I had in Georgia (and I'm being gracious when I say that).

But Honey's Kettle tastes really good! It's not coated fried chicken like in Georgia (it's battered) but the chicken is never dry and you get really meaty pieces and even the batter is good. Plus, for you carboholics, you get fries and a biscuit with your order. And the piece de resistance: a spicy dippy sauce similar to Trappey's for your chicken - yum!

After our fried chicken lunch VGE turns me onto the Culver City Farmers Market and she points me in the direction of Rockenwagner's baked goods. "Hello lover!" I say to the bacon/cheese/poppyseed twisty (and to the jalapeno/cheese preztel.) We then go to a small cafe and indulge in some hot tea and a chocolate pecan tart.

We're feeling pretty good right about now.

Drink of the day: More friggin iced tea!

Affirmation of the day: Carbs are good!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best fried chicken, not only in LA, but in the entire world is to be found in Pomona. One block south of the 10 freeway on Towne is a place called Donahue's. They serve only one thing, the fried chicken. They also have french fries and maybe something else, but the accompaniments are mediocre. The reason folks go there, and the locals do line up out the door, is for the fried chicken, which manages not only to be extremely bad for you, but highly original with its flavor. Familiar, and surprisingly different. If ever you find yourself heading out of town, stop by.

2:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Girls who work the counter at Honey's Kettle are SO rude and hostile, I just can't go there anymore.

Honestly, I've been mugged by people who are friendlier.

Ruins the whole place for me.

Also the chicken has gone downhill in the past 2-years.

11:25 AM

Anonymous gina said...

have you tried roscoe's? i still think their fried chicken is better than honey's kettle...

you should also give gyochon chicken a try. its on 6th and serrano (same plaza as hae chon). the original chicken (garlic & soy sauce) is pretty darn good. its a little pricey but worth a try. OH...and they fry to you have to wait about 20-25 minutes for your food. if you know what you want you can always call in your order ahead and eliminate the wait!

12:13 PM


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