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Sunday, July 23, 2006

After School Special on Saturday Morning

Besides being a Noodle Whore I'm also a Cheesehead, no make that a Double Cheesehead. I have finally found a restaurant that is after my heart (meaning that they put enough cheese on their dishes unlike Good Microbrew which put about a tablespoon of cheese on their chili cheese fries and then had the moxie to charge $5 for them - on chili CHEESE fries it's about the cheese people!)

On Saturday morning I met fellow carboholic Raven (aka Adventurous Gourmet B) for breakie at Doughboys on Third. This used to be my old 'hood back in the late '80s and back then I weighed 118 lbs but if Doughboys were there I would have been a chunky monkey for sure.

So, Raven was in the mood for pancakes and I wanted something eggy but we see the specials of the day and one of them is "The After School Special" (remember that TV show on ABC?) which is a grilled cheese sandwich and creamy tomato soup. We were both smitten and said to hell with the apropos breakie.

As we were waiting for our food we couldn't help notice that everything else that people order had gobs 'o' cheese on it - take note Good Microbrew. Our grilled cheeses were on Pain de Mie and were of course oozing with gobs 'o' cheese. The tomato soup was really good but a bit too sweet for my taste, like they dumped a ton of sugar in the pot (probably to cut the acid but what's wrong with a little tang from a Summer tomato?)

Raven and I both declare that we will be back.


Blogger Raven said...

We definitely must go back! Cheese, carbs and huge portions... I think it's my idea of heaven.

9:52 PM


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