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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Monday, March 6th - Lunch at Gingergrass

Vivacious Gourmet E and I decide to do lunch. We both need a shoulder to cry since it appears that in both of our lives Fortuna has spun her wheel and the arrow has landed in the "WTF!" slot.

We're about to get into my car and then we hesitate; we realize that everytime Vivacious Gourmet E is in my car the Flat Tire Monitor comes on. Last time was a big four hour ordeal with trying to get the flat bed tow and the rental car (luckily we had the foresight to have a couple of mojitos ahead of time.) Since each tire has less than two hundred miles on it (yeah, this is how many flat tires I've gotten lately [see paragraph above about Fortuna's wheel]) we decide to take the chance and drive the half mile to the restaurant.

I could eat at Gingergrass everyday - the food is wonderful and the service is always great. Both Vivacious Gourmet E and I had the Wok Tossed Chicken. This is the one place where I like everything on my plate to touch: the stir-fried chicken mixed in with the broken rice and the Vietnamese cabbage slaw atop the chicken/rice mixture. Divoon!

Drink of the day: Gingergrass Gingerale (I really wanted a Vietnamese iced coffee but needed to stay away from the caffeine in order to diminish medication's sharp edge.)

Affirmation of the day: I am now on the royal road of Success, Happiness, and Abundance, all the traffic goes my way; however, LA road traffic goes in the opposite direction.


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