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Monday, September 18, 2006

(Very) Luscious Dumpling

A photo of the glistening pan-fried pork dumplings:

Luscious Dumpling indeed!

A few of BonVivant's favorite things (steaming bowls of soup noodles!):

The first photo is the beef tendon soup noodles. This is mumsy's favorite dish. Although I don't eat the tendon, the noodles and the highly seasoned broth (a mixture of hot and sour) are wonderful.

The bottom photo is the stewed pork soup noodles. I usually order the pork and pickled vegetable soup noodles but wanted a change this time. I didn't really know what to expect but was very happy with my choice: the "stewed pork" is pork belly that was so soft that it was more silky than butter.

Here's what I love about Luscious Dumpling:

1. Unlike at Din Tai Fung, you don't have to arrive an hour before it opens; usually if you get there right at eleven you'll have no problem getting a table.
2. Unlike Din Tai Fung, Luscious Dumpling has "soup dumplings" everyday, not just on weekends (soup dumplings are steamed dumplings with pork broth inside the dumpling so they are juicy, juicy, juicy!)
3. They usually sell out their menu at each lunch and dinner so you know that the food is freshly made.
4. It is really cheap. You can pig out for $10-$14 per person.
5. I've never had a problem with parking.
6. The food is wonderful!

Dear Reader, since I promised that I wouldn't bitch the traffic anymore, I'll spare you the details of my ordeal of trying to get there that morning (some idiot at CalTrans decided to turn the 10 into a two lane highway, and close the carpool lane, right after Fremont.)

Luscious Dumpling
704 W. Las Tunas Drive
San Gabriel, CA 91776


Blogger Raven said...

It almost makes me want to drive to San Gabriel... I am so craving those dumplings right now.

On the other hand, maybe they wouldn't be as good as I imagine. That's my thought for the night...

9:10 PM

Anonymous Fleagirl said... Talk about food porn. I've just had a full dinner of yummy Juiceboy salad and I'm dying for a bowlful of these sexy, luscious dumplings. Must go--he might see me drooling...

9:28 PM

Blogger Noodle Whore said...


I've tried three times already to eat at Luscious Dumpling. The guy that works there has told me that everything has sold out already! Only 12:30 pm. Great posting. I can't wait to try this place. Din Tai Fung has good food as well. Tried to go there on Saturday at 11 am - 1.5 hour wait. So i said forget it. If you're into dumplings, definitely give Noodle King (Valley Blvd./ West of New) a shot. Their pan fried dumplings (guo tieh) are pretty good. I'm more into the beef noodle soup there. Check my blog for Chinese beef noodle restaurants.

2:19 PM


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