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Monday, February 05, 2007

Pepper's Continued Culinary Adventures

This is Pepper. I've posed the question to you before, Dear Reader, about whether Pepper was a Gourmet or a Gourmand (or as one Dear Reader put it: pain in the butt!) but I think I now have the answer: Pepper is a Gourmet. This past week he ate my sunglass case (Italian) that my brother got for me as a present from this chichi eyeglass store in Nolita. He also noshed on the box containing my new Kitchen Aid food processor that my brother gave me for Xmas (if he had touched the food process I'm afraid Dear Reader he would have joined his big brother Mr. Darcy on the "Rainbow Bridge.") Further, he got his chops on a fabulous cookbook, Biba's Italy, that I received for my bday (autographed copy too!)

Hm, I'm seeing a trend here: Pepper likes to eat presents.



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