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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Thursday, March 23rd - Ulysses Voyage

I've heard many great things about this Greek place located in the Farmers Market so I jumped at the chance to go when Patricia hosted a dinner here.

So there was six of us on this balmy evening and the restaurant was wonderful. I started off with Taramosalata (fish roe dippy) that I shared with the entire table and then I ordered the special grilled stiped bass as my entree. I thought that I was going to get a filet but I got the whole enchilada. Not that I was afraid of a fishy but wasn't in the mood to deal with bones. But no worries, it was expertly deboned and I was a happy, happy camper. The dish was wonderful in it's simplicity! I even ate the skin and the head - Stubborn Gourmet T would have been proud (and maybe even a bit jealous it was so good.)

Yet another example of great friends, great food, and great atmosphere - what more can you ask for?

Pas de Drink/Affirmation of the Day.


Anonymous Barbara said...

Tanya and I tried this place the other day after failing to get into the Little Miss Sunshine screening. We each got the avgolemono soup and then an order of spanokopita and an order of dolmades to share. I was favorably impressed with everything. The spanokopita in particular was as good as homemade. We rounded out the night with a Greek sweet I can pronounce but can't spell... I think it's galaktoburiko in transliteration. Definitely one of my favorites but I find it really hard to describe it if you don't already know what it is! You just have to try it.

9:55 PM

Blogger Heidi said...

I want to go sometime.

I also want you to update.

I know you've eaten out since March. You can't fool me!

10:08 PM

Blogger Raven said...

I'd be happy to go again. And I live like 10-15 minutes away.

I agree, Erica needs to update.

P.S. Why isn't the number of comments showing up on the main page?

P.P.S. Raven = Barbara

9:56 AM


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