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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Last Meal(s) in LA - Part 1

A preview of coming attractions - some excellent mandu from Myung Dong Kyoja:

I recently said good-bye to my hometown, Los Angeles.  As the close of escrow on my late mother's house approached, I went back for a few days in order to finish up the remainder of the house business.  Besides driving around Silver Lake thinking of times past, I also went to some old (and new) favorites.

What trip to LA would be complete without some potato tacos from El Atacor #11?

Potato tacos are Mexican comfort food to the nth degree but surprisingly are unheard of in the Bay Area.  Also, having lived in the Bay Area for over 4 years, I can say that I'm pretty sick and tired of paying an average of $4 per taco.  El Atacor #11 is old school and charges accordingly: one can get 10 potato tacos for $7.95 - that's $.79 per taco, Dear Reader! I limited myself to only four of them.

The next morning it was nearly 90 degrees by 10 am.  What better excuse to go get dongchimi guksu for breakfast than that? 

No Corner Place for me, I switched to Myung Dong Kyoja a while back.  Since dongchimi guksu didn't seem substantial enough I calorie splurged on some of the aforementioned mandu.  Am I glad that I did since they were sooooooo good.  There was not only some nice chili paste on the table but it also offered some green onion schmutz that was quite good - the two together made a potent dipping sauce.

Well, later that night I had to decide between Pollo a la Brasa or Marouch.  Marouch won out since it was closer.  I hadn't been there in nearly 4 years and I was craving some good Lebanese food.  I wanted to get everything on the menu but I ordered babaganoush and chicken & lamb kafta kabob with yogurt.  While I was waiting the owner gave me a plate of the staff meal which was a Middle Eastern tinged pasta with sausage and cheese - it hit the spot!

I'm trying to get back to LA one last time to finish up my mother's business so on the culinary agenda is Sakura House, Park's Korean BBQ, Sanamluang, and a ramen joint in San Gabriel.

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